Chapters and Clubs

Join us in creating more opportunities for high school and college students within your local community!

Every chapters' mission is to help the youth grow their academic and soft skills.

Our Chapter Program aims to help people explore their passion for STEM at a local level. We achieve this by giving young leaders a consistent and supportive environment in their community to grow their skills and gain practical experience.

What does a GiS Chapter do?

Lead With Purpose

Facilitate community meetings, events, and initiatives; lead the executive board.

Align With Our Values

Plan club activities that connect with our mission of helping others explore their passion and make STEM more accessible in the current leadership vision.

Gain Access To Exclusive Resources

Receive our 'Chapter Starter Kit' and 1:1 mentorship to become the leader you have the potential to be.

Connect With Like-minded Individuals

By representing our organization through your chapter, you'll be able to connect with our team and other chapter leaders.

How Can I Apply?

for schools and colleges

Create your team

Form an executive board with at least three individuals. Check the roles we recommend here!

Apply to the Chapters Program

Submit your application below:

Register within your academic institution

& follow your school steps and guidelines. After that, receive your online Chapter Starter Kit.

Start planning events!

Meet and coordinate with your team to plan the best events ever. Take every idea into account.

Discover Existing Chapters

Check out this link to locate existing Girls in STEM existing clubs and chapters.

Join us in growing worldwide!